Hi, I'm Mike



  • 23 year resident of Colonial Beach

  • Business Owner for 18 years (Plaza B&B)

  • Former Planning Commission Chairman

  • Biotech Executive with 40+ years of international business experience (Retired)

  • Former Regional School Board President (Frederick, Maryland)

  • Pro-School

  • Pro-Business

  • Pro-Expansion of the Town

  • Fiscally Conservative

  • Goal-Oriented, Team Builder

  • Open and Transparent Communicator



  • I am 61 years old and have been living in Colonial Beach since 1997.

  • My wife, Joan, and I purchased The Plaza B&B in January of 1997 and spent 3 years completely renovating the 100 year old Victorian on Weems Street. We hosted our grand opening during the 1st Annual Christmas Homes Tour in December of 2000. It has been the longest running and one of the most successful B&B’s in Town.

  • We purchased multiple cottages in the vicinity of The Plaza renovating all of them and preparing cozy summer cottages for our guests.

  • I was on the Colonial Beach Planning Commission in the early 2000's and served as Chairman for 2 of those years.

  • My wife and I were also very active on the Chamber of Commerce, The Historical Society and our local church, St. Elizabeth's.

  • We raised 4 daughters and now have 7 grandchildren. Four of the seven are here in the Colonial Beach School system.

  • I am a graduate of The University of Maryland with a BS in Microbiology and I have taken dozens of Leadership and Commercial Business classes throughout my career.

  • My full-time career spanned over 40 years in the Biotech Industry with a focus on Genomics, Molecular Biology and Oncology. I was Vice President of Commercial Operations and built global commercial teams for four companies. I recently retired in April of 2020 following a successful IPO with the California based Oncology start-up company I was with the past 7 years.

  • My career required a significant amount of global travel for the past 15 years so I was unable to be as involved as I wanted to in the Beach during this time.

  • Now that I have retired and we have sold the B&B and cottages and built our retirement home, I am anxious to get involved in Town again.


  • The most significant qualification that I bring to this campaign is my business background. I have built large complex international commercial teams for most of my 41 year career. I have managed multi-million $ budgets and been responsible for annual revenues of $2 Billion. I have managed global teams of over 1000 people across multiple departments around the world. I believe that this business experience is exactly what Colonial Beach needs to grow to the next level. 

  • In addition to building teams, I spent the majority of my career managing complex contract negotiations with major Pharmaceutical Companies, Cutting Edge Academic Medical Centers and Government Agencies like the NIH, CDC and VA. I have a proven track record of closing multi-million $ deals and sustaining double digit year- over-year revenue growth.

  • Prior to moving to Colonial Beach, we lived in Frederick, Maryland. I spent 4 years serving as President of the Regional Catholic School Board serving 7 parishes across Frederick County. I am proud to say that through my leadership of this challenging School Board that the groundwork was laid for a beautiful new school that now serves Frederick County. I am supportive of our School. It has come a long way since the fire and is now an asset that the Town can be proud of. However, fiscal responsibility plays a significant role when it comes to the school and the impact on the Town. These factors have to be considered.

  • I believe that the best is yet to come for Colonial Beach. The Town has tremendous potential and is in the perfect location to attract visitors from DC, Baltimore, Richmond and the surrounding areas. As a B&B owner for 18 years here in Town, I can testify to the pent-up demand that is just waiting for Colonial Beach to respond to. As Mayor, I want to help our current businesses succeed and make this a "Business Friendly Town"! 

  • There are numerous, major, expansion projects on the near-term horizon. I am confident that I can professionally represent the Town to prospective developers and help facilitate closing these deals. Increasing our tax base is essential to the long-term survival and growth of this Town. We have to be prepared for this growth. This means investing in our infrastructure and creating an environment that enables businesses to grow and succeed. I am supportive of and enjoy “Green Space” as much as anyone but decisions about green space, in particular Eleanor Park, must be made based on business considerations and alignment with the Comprehensive Plan, not emotional ones.

  • I believe that the Mayor is one of seven Council members but is also the primary spokesperson for the team and the person who has to manage resources and make difficult decisions in the time of a crisis. It takes someone with solid teamwork expertise, decision making abilities and communication skills to do this effectively. I have been building teams and representing companies for decades and am confident that I can create a solid, functional Council Team that is working together for the good of Colonial Beach. I have been front and center in challenging situations and had to make difficult decisions. The key is open and transparent communication on a regular basis and building trust. It does not mean that everyone will always agree on every issue. However, there is always some middle ground that can be reached through professional and respectful communications.

  • Finally, I believe that one of the major roles that the Mayor has is to help lead the execution of the comprehensive strategic plan. When I was chairman of the Planning Commission in the early 2000's we drafted and presented a completely revamped Comprehensive Plan to the Town Council. There is a new one being finalized this year by our Planning Commission. It will be critical for the Council to carefully review this document and gain consensus on the vision for this Town in the coming 5-10 years. The Planning Commission is there to make a recommendation but it is the Council who must refine it and insure that is aligned with the direction that is best for the Town. It should not be a "rubber stamp" of approval. I have been responsible for writing, reviewing and executing annual and longer-term strategic plans for decades. I know that I can build consensus and lead the effort to begin executing the Comprehensive Plan. I believe in accountability and transparency. The Town citizens deserve to have a voice in this process through Public Hearings. If we all work together, we can take Colonial Beach to the next level!

  • I assure you that I will work hard for the Town and will make business-based decisions in an open and transparent manner. I will strive to build a cohesive and productive team focused on executing the Comprehensive Plan. I will make myself available to hear the voice of our citizens and business owners. I will foster open communication while maintaining professionalism and adherence to the governing rules in a fiscally responsible manner.


I admit that I still have a lot to learn. I am proactively meeting with as many of the Town leaders as possible to educate myself on the key issues. I will continue these discussions over the coming months so that I am ready to assume the Mayoral leadership position on Day 1!